Markets Update & upcoming article on mortgage payoff

In a recent article I mentioned that I was taking profits at the 2790 level (basis the S&P 500 index).  Based on today’s prices, the market is 1% higher.  Was my desire to take profits on my Long positions premature?  Is there a higher presence of risk here at loftier levels?  What moves am I making now? […]

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Taking some profits….

In my June 25th post  I explained why I was a buyer of the dip in the markets.  I purchased several ETF’s on that day at a time when the S&P was trading at the 2710 area. Today I took profits on those positions as soon as the S&P hit 2790.  I didn’t anticipate this […]

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Selling put options, part II

In a previous article I discussed how selling put options is a viable alternative to owning stocks.  It provides income from the premium that is collected and the strategy doesn’t tie up as much cash as holding common stocks.  Please go back and re-read the article.  I also recommend purchasing and reading a wonderful book that […]

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Writing covered calls

In a previous article I provided a discussion on writing put options as an alternative to owning common stocks.  It’s a passive cash flow method I use on a consistent basis.  Besides dividend payments, how does an investor generate income from the common stocks they already own?  The simple answer is by writing covered calls. Writing […]

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