Early Retirees and Health Insurance, pt. 2

In part I  I vented about the state of our healthcare system and the bleakness when it comes to options for early retirees, living domestically in the USA.  In a nutshell, it stinks to high Heaven!  Insurance was never what I consider “affordable” but most middle-classers could manage. All of sudden March of 2010 arrived. […]

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Markets…took profits

A few weeks ago, back on March 25th I bought the dip in equities.  The market basis the Dow Jones ($DJI) has risen a little over 1000 points over that period.  This afternoon I took profits in my trading portfolio, sold my ETF’s and REIT’s and moved to 100% cash.  I remain invested in my core […]

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Weekend in Vegas…..

This Weekend I took my oldest daughter on her first trip to Las Vegas in celebration of her 21st birthday and she/we had a blast!  She’s home for the Summer (she completed her Junior year and will be an Senior on the Honor Roll in the Fall) and this is our first outing in quite […]

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