Downside to R.E. Crowdfunding!

Chronological Order of Events: 11/09/2016 … I invested $40,000. in a very promising Real Estate Crowdfunding project offered by RealtyShares .  It was a a privately-listed REIT that invested in residential development promissory notes, offering a 13.5% interest rate (net of fees) payable on a monthly basis for a 30-month holding period, the notes would come due […]

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Early Retirement…my aspirations

What do you plan to do when you retire? How will you spend your days? What are you currently doing that you plan to stop doing? Here’s a snapshot of my immediate aspirations in early retirement (please pardon the expletives & cursing!): 1) Sleep in: Yesterday (Saturday) we slept in until 7:20 am. Today (Sunday) […]

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Updates…savings, etc.

I wanted to provide a couple of updates on my investments.  First of all, my online savings account where I house my emergency fund as well as all distributions from my Real Estate Crowdfunding investments has increased their rate once again, to 1.75%! This is the second increase in the past month and of the online savings accounts […]

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Bonds as an asset class…

The last few posts, I’ve written extensively on investing in Alternatives as a viable asset class; from hedge funds and liquid alternative mutual funds, to precious metals.  In this weekend’s post I’ve decided to discuss bonds as an asset class. The two main macro asset classes are equities (or stocks) and fixed income (namely bonds […]

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Alternatives, Part III Cash & Bullion…

This article is third in a series on investing in alternatives.  Here’s: Part I & Part II .   In this article I’ll discuss physical cold-hard cash and bullion and their place in one’s list of essential items. I previously wrote Cash as an Asset Class and provided an argument for holding adequate cash reserves in your investment portfolio as a […]

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