Bought REIT’s and Bonds today….

  Today I purchased a couple of asset classes that I found very attractive; REIT’s and Treasury strips (via ticker: ZROZ).  Lately bonds have been selling off along with all interest rate sensitive sectors.  I couldn’t resist jumping into Real Estate Investment Trusts (or REIT’s as they’re called).  These are way down in price so […]

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Is Wall Street a Casino? part II

“It is generally agreed that casinos should, in the public interest, be inaccessible and expensive. And perhaps the same is true of stock exchanges.” – John Maynard Keynes On Friday evening my wife drove to a casino in Oklahoma to attend the Rascal Flatts concert (which was very good by the way!), enjoyed dinner and […]

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Is Wall Street a Casino?

My wife walked up to a machine an hour ago, inserted a $100. bill and by the 3rd spin she hit pay dirt (a whopping $146, ha ha)!  She loathes Wall Street, says it’s gambling yet she likes the “penny” slots.  Go figure… so is Wall Street anything more than a big casino?  More to […]

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Equity Allocations & Risk

Financial author William Bernstein offers this very enlightening graph of equity allocation and risk tolerance in his much recommended book, “The Four Pillars of Investing.” I’ve recently written in a previous blog posting found here: “Most financial advisors use an investor’s AGE as a basis for asset allocations (younger investors hold more stocks, older investors […]

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I would be doing a disservice as a financial blogger (FIRE blogger at that!) if I neglected to write about debt.  As a 51-year old pre-retiree its within my best interest to retire debt as soon as possible while building up (and Preserving) the nest egg. While in my early thirties, like a lot of  […]

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Allocate…. part III

(Note: the featured pie chart is the asset allocation of the Yale University Endowment Fund, managed by David Swenson) I’ve recently been writing about asset allocations based on risk tolerance.  Today I decided to divulge my own personal asset allocation.  As a disclaimer, this is based on my own personal risk tolerance as well as […]

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Allocate…Part II

Asset Allocation Above is a link to the World’s simplest asset allocation calculator.  More detailed calculators are found online, which involve asking a series of risk tolerance-based questions.   The best, most-detailed I’ve seen is located at Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.  You’ll need to create an account (not necessarily fund it, simply register to use the tool […]

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