Investing in collectibles…I choose ROLEX

(article I) RE: Rolex Flippers & “Gray Market” sellers (article II) RE: Rolex & the Grey Market NOTE: This article may shock some readers, as they may feel that I am materialistic, ostentatious, and/or ego-driven.  This is not the case at all. In fact, other readers will say to themselves, “why haven’t I thought of this before?!”  I […]

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Markets…Be a Contrarian!

RE: DB Bottom? This week I’ve redeployed a bit of my available cash to work in some contrarian stock picks.  Over the years I’ve found that the best investments to purchase are the asset classes that everyone else hates.  The ones that are beaten down.   In 2014 I purchased several energy stocks as well as XLE.  At […]

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Markets….a quick update

On July 10th I posted that I was taking profits and liquidating my ETF’s.  Today I waded back in the water in a small way.  I purchased a 1/2 position (200 shares) of the midcap ETF, $MDY.  I was able to purchase it today (near the lows of the day) at a price several points […]

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