I’m Buying this dip!

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The trade tensions are causing this sell-off.  Like most headline risk, this is temporary and it provides investors (and traders, in my case!) a rare opportunity to buy the dip.  Just because today’s selloff looks and feels scary doesn’t mean it is real. Every buyable dip feels this way.  The market is providing investors & traders the most attractive buying point in many weeks.  Can the S&P hit that trend line (red line on chart) of 2664?  Sure it can but that’s only another 1 percent from here!  1% downside risk versus potential gains of North of 10% thru the end of the Summer after this trade war is settled.  That’s my take on this and I’m buying it.   I don’t normally telegraph my trades in realtime, so I won’t disclose what exactly I’m buying until this evening.  NOTE:  Check back in comments below for nightly update on my trades.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not advice.  This blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only.  This blogger in not an financial advisor.  Stock market trading is risky.  Trade and invest at your own risk.


3 thoughts on “I’m Buying this dip!

  1. July 4th Update: I remain Long the previously mentioned ETF’s. I am showing paper losses at present but I’m still Bullish regardless of near term turbulence. The trade war/tariffs are keeping a lid on prices and I can see the case where the S&P 500 breaking the 2700 support level for a session or three. That still would not cause me concern unless is breaks below and 2680-2684 level on a closing basis.
    I’ve actively traded options for the past two trading sessions (July 2nd & 3rd) and profited by a little over $12,000. The trades involved S&P 500 index call options and no trade lasted more than 45 minutes in duration.
    (I do not recommend this style of trading! I do not trade like this often, maybe once per month on average. The setup has to offer a favorable risk/reward or else I pass on the trade).

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