Markets…took profits


A few weeks ago, back on March 25th I bought the dip in equities.  The market basis the Dow Jones ($DJI) has risen a little over 1000 points over that period.  This afternoon I took profits in my trading portfolio, sold my ETF’s and REIT’s and moved to 100% cash.  I remain invested in my core mutual fund portfolio and in my IRA.  I’m also still fully invested in my account.   This is my personal trading portfolio housed at Schwab where I engage in timing; buying dips and taking profits on rallies.  Even though I am Bullish-biased, at least thru July, I felt it best to take profits in my short term holdings at this juncture.

I do anticipate a short term, shallow dip next week, which I’ll be a buyer once again.  I plan to use any retreat in equity prices to purchase ETF’s at lower prices and hold thru early July.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a recommendation.  Stock market investing is risky.  This is for informational purposes only and I am not an investment adviser.


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