Weekend in Vegas…..

This Weekend I took my oldest daughter on her first trip to Las Vegas in celebration of her 21st birthday and she/we had a blast!  She’s home for the Summer (she completed her Junior year and will be an Senior on the Honor Roll in the Fall) and this is our first outing in quite a while.

We stayed at the Mirage hotel/casino and as soon as we arrived and checked into our rooms, we toured Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garen where they house their big cats.  Look who we ran into!  Siegfried himself and he was very charming.  I highly recommend everyone tour this exotic feline sanctuary.  You”ll  see this:

Finally, if you enjoy Magic you MUST SEE David Goldrake at the Tropicana.  I’ve seen many magic shows from Siegried & Roy, to David Copperfield, Penn & Teller and even the now retired Lance Burton.  David Goldrake is near the very top, he shares top spot with Lance Burton in my opinion.  He not only performs magic, he is an entertainer, and his assistants are very, very talented.  This is a family show so I recommend everyone attend.  This was the second time I’ve seen his show “Imaginarium”

CCAD5445-2CC5-4B0D-BE34-FD22BDEB9F34.jpeg Master Magician David Goldrake


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