Wine for the Keto/Paleo dieter? YES!


As many of you probably already know, I’m a type 1, insulin-dependent Diabetic.  I keep it under control and frankly, as a Diabetic patient, I’m my doctor’s dream!  This is because I exercise daily AND I follow the Ketogenic Diet, otherwise known as the Paleo Diet.  I’m very diligent and disciplined.  I consume ZERO GRAINS and ZERO DAIRY.  I consume only meat, poultry, fish and green vegetables.  About once per week my only indulgence is to consume 1/3 of a baked potato.  That’s my only serving of carbs per week!  Basically my diet is high in fat (healthy fast like nuts and avocados), moderate protein (eggs and meat) and no carbohydrates (there’s trace amounts in vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, but a negligible amount).  BUT, I DO CONSUME WINE!  DAILY!

We all know the health benefits of wine, though diabetics like myself, or strict low carb dieters beware.  Many store bought wines consume sugar, some brands and vintages are HIGH in sugar content.  I have the solution!  Zero sugar wine.  DISCLAIMER:  My wife is an independent distributor of the wine I am writing about.  She does receive compensation if you purchase her wine in the link provided.  No harm in that, this is her small business venture, help her out!

Let’s talk about wine facts.  Has wine ever given you a headache?  Do you avoid wine due to headaches?  The main source of these headaches are the up-to-300 pesticides and 250 chemical additives (approved by the FDA!) imbued in almost all mass-produced wines.  The same wines we all purchase at liquor stores of Krogers, Albertsons, Target, Walmart… Chemicals belong in a swimming pool, not in a bottle of wine!  My wife and I discovered a wine that is grown naturally with NO synthetic pesticides, contains zero sugar, is produced by sustainable, organic farming methods, is low in sulfites, contains zero added chemicals, AND prior to bottling; is vinified by hand, not manufactured in a lab.  

If you’re an avid wine drinker, give this brand a try.  If you like it enough to become a distributor yourself, email Tonya and she’ll help you get set up.  The wonderful thing about becoming a distributor is that your grow your business by simply hosting wine and cheese tastings.  This is very fun and very social.  Your friends get to sample the various wines before purchasing any.  The link to the wine is here: Tonya’s Keto Wine. When you arrive at the site, click “shop” in the upper lefthand corner of the site.  My personal favorites are: 2017 Fieldhouse White Blend, the 2016 Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc and for RED I love the 2016 Middle Jane Zinfindel as well as the 2013 Middle Jane Syrah.  

Tonya’s Keto Wine


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  1. Good for you on the keto therapy for your T1D!
    I’m not a wine drinker but I hear Dry Farms Wine is amazing! You may want to check them out.

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