Happy Memorial Day.


Monday is a special day as it honors our fallen brothers & sisters-in-arms.  I want to honor my late Father, who in 1951 was sent to the Korean front lines as a newly-minted Second Lieutenant (fresh out of Infantry training).  He spent a year in Korea and returned a hero, as he was awarded a Bronze Star with “V” affixed for Valor.  All my life he refrained from ever discussing his combat experiences.  My only recollection of him ever mentioning Korea was when he complained about how cold the harsh winter was in that country, and that he delegated his Sergeants to make sure all the men washed their feet and changed their socks each day (to prevent Trench Foot).   He remained in the Army for 10 years and had reached the rank of Captain before embarking in a career in the Oil & Gas industry.  I’ll cherish these decorations for the remainder of my life.  Happy Memorial Day Everyone!


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