ESI Interview with a’s ME!


(with the Love of my Life at the Roman Coliseum, April 2018)

In November of last year I was interviewed for a feature that came out in February of this year.  It’s a series published by ESI Money.  Twice per month the publisher conducts an interview with a millionaire.  I was selected and featured in the following interview:

Millionaire Interview #49

The important thing is not that I’m a millionaire, it’s the tips and lessons I offer to anyone reading the interview.  I discussed the financial markets, which at the time were hitting all time highs and I was very prescient when I warned of what the future holds for passive index investors.  I still believe this will all end badly as we approach the next bear market.  I also provided advice for anyone facing a windfall; whether an inheritance (in my case), the sale of a business, or a lotto winner.  I also provide advice for those who are approached from a loved-one asking for a loan.  I dive further into this discussion here: The Art to Saying NO!

I’ll be back soon providing an article on healthcare options for early retirees.  Here’s a hint, its a real mess and there isn’t a remedy!


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