Markets…the day after…

In last evening’s missive I demonstrated how my portfolio customarily performs on down days.  This screen shot I’m providing is in real time and demonstrates how I perform on large up days.  Obviously I don’t track the upside of any benchmark index. That’s alright by me.  I’m more concerned about slow growth of capital and […]

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Wine for the Keto/Paleo dieter? YES!

As many of you probably already know, I’m a type 1, insulin-dependent Diabetic.  I keep it under control and frankly, as a Diabetic patient, I’m my doctor’s dream!  This is because I exercise daily AND I follow the Ketogenic Diet, otherwise known as the Paleo Diet.  I’m very diligent and disciplined.  I consume ZERO GRAINS and ZERO […]

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Happy Memorial Day.

Monday is a special day as it honors our fallen brothers & sisters-in-arms.  I want to honor my late Father, who in 1951 was sent to the Korean front lines as a newly-minted Second Lieutenant (fresh out of Infantry training).  He spent a year in Korea and returned a hero, as he was awarded a […]

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Wealthy & Overextended?

I’m a fan of Showtime’s “Billions.”  I’ve been taping the episodes all season (we’re in Season 3) and I’m finally able to catch up and binge watch it!   I was viewing Episode 3 (of Season 3) and 26 minutes into the episode, the main character, “Axelrod” is having a deep conversation with a fellow […]

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