Updates…savings, etc.


I wanted to provide a couple of updates on my investments.  First of all, my online savings account where I house my emergency fund as well as all distributions from my Real Estate Crowdfunding investments has increased their rate once again, to 1.75%! This is the second increase in the past month and of the online savings accounts available,  Pure Point Financial seems most generous as they’re usually the first one to increase the savings rate.  I couldn’t be more pleased!

Also, even more exciting; one of my real estate crowdfunding projects exited early and very profitably I may add:  11 months ago I invested in a project offered by Realtyshares .  It was an e-commerce distribution center located outside of Boston, MA.  The projected I.R.R. objective was originally 14.7%.  The property was sold early and we investors were cashed out with a total return of 30.8% net of fees.  The cash proceeds including capital gains have already been wire transferred to my checking account.  This was my first experience with an exit and I am so happy.  This deal provides me confidence in my remaining R.E. investments and these number quite a bit.  I have over 30% of my net worth invested in real estate crowdfunding.  This is much higher an allocation than I would ever recommend to anyone else.  Do as I say, not as I do!

Here’s one more update;  on Friday (4/6) a few minutes before the markets closed I purchased a small position (2% of my taxable brokerage account)  in S&P 500 ($SPX) April 2600 call options for 40. I felt compelled to place the trade for a number of reasons (sentiment was very bearish, the market seemed to have “triple-bottomed” at the 2580-level.  I felt this was a relatively low risk entry.  I paid $400. per contract x 5 contracts ($20k).  This morning (Monday, 4/9) the markets gapped up and I exited the call options @ 51 for a total gain of $5500. (or 27.5%).  I do not trade like this often, only on rare occasions, though with volatility on the rise, I’ll be doing these type of speculative options trade more often.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT ADVICE:  I am not an investment advisor, nor a professional in the financial services industry. Options trading and stock market investment do have risks. This blog is for informational purposes only and the reader is 100% risk responsible for any and all trades and investments made.




4 thoughts on “Updates…savings, etc.

  1. Wow that’s some incredible returns on your real estate investment, well done 🙂
    And that’s also some very good interest on your account. In Switzerland, the best interest rates are around 0.1%, or 0.5% but only for one year. That’s pretty poor.

    I really wish we had things as good as realtyshares here. The states of real estate crowdfunding is not great here.

    Keep up with the good stuff!

    1. Hello Poorswiss and thank you for replying. I am in Italy on vacation (see my instagram: MrFIREby2023).
      Switzerland is a country my wife and I plan to visit next year. We will come visit and dine with you!
      It’s unfortunate that Swiss savings rates are very low as your country is a strong, wealthy country; one I’ve always been very impressed with. I am a huge fan of Swiss luxury watches and I want to visit Zurich. I also want to see and walk through the Swiss financial district.
      As for investing in real estate, do you have an US-based investments that interest you?

  2. Hi MrFireby2023,

    Nice vacation pictures! I’ve been to Italy several times, but already long time ago. Never to Rome though. I definitely will go there eventually.

    If you come to Switzerland around Fribourg or Bern, let me know 😉

    For real estate, what I really like is the fact that you can start to invest with little money and you have a great choice. In Switzerland, there are some crowd funding real estate, but they are just starting and have a big minimum. For now, I’m satisfied with stocks, but I may allocate a bit to real estate in the future.

    Good vacation!

    1. Rome has great, historical attractions but it’s like any other highly-populated downtown area. Aside from the museums & Ancient Roman history, I’m not too impressed. Florence however is WONDERFUL. Our next trip to Italy will be confined to Florence and Venice. We will head over to Barcelona also.
      We do plan to visit Switzerland within the next couple of years. I’ll alert you.
      As for real estate crowdfunding, at the beginning here in US, they also had high minimums. $25,000 US $ is normal minimum and there are a few that I’ve invested $50,000 in as this is an income alternative to bonds.

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