Awesome American Airlines Frequent Flyer Offer From Betterment


First of all, anytime I come across an online offer that I think is worthy of your consideration,  I’ll post it here.   This is an offer that I am personally going to take advantage of and if I’m doing so myself, that’s my best endorsement.  DISCLAIMER:  I am not an affiliate of Betterment nor American Advantage programs.  I receive no remuneration from this endorsement. It’s simply an offer too good to pass up.

Here’s the offer: Link to offer

If you sign up for Betterment advisory you can receive up to 30,000 American Advantage miles.  That’s HUGE! Betterment is a top tier passive “Robo” portfolio service.  The link above provides all the details.  There is a deadline to open an account and a deadline to transfer funds into your Betterment account.  I’m a frequent traveler and I’m also an American Airlines Customer (exclusively, I fly with no other carrier).  By investing $100k with Betterment I’ll receive 30,000 airline miles for free.  Since my allocation to equities is very low and needs to eventually be more invested thatbit is not now, what better incentive to invest?!   An added plus, Betterment’s fees are very low.  Review of Betterment

There is a limited time to take advantage of this offer, so get started!


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