The goal is F.I.R.E.


I’M ABOUT TO GET VERY PERSONAL….If you’ve read my First post you are aware that F.I.R.E. is my goal by the year 2023.  FIRE is a popular acronym these days , it means Financial Independence, Retire Early.  I’m a fit and healthy 51-year old.  So fit that I’m considering adding a new “Fitness Over 50” blog (any potential readers here?  If so, please comment below):  Here’s a teaser, this is me last year in an over-45 Physique Competition, what makes me so proud of that moment is that I’m a Type 1 Diabetic! 


Back to FIRE….While I’m still young and healthy and in a very healthy relationship with my wife (I’m married to my Best Friend, I’m in Love); I don’t desire to work like a Hebrew slave until I’m 65 years old.  You see, despite managing Diabetes well, keeping my blood sugar under control; I feel it’s probable I’ll have a shorter lifespan than most non-Diabetics.   The standard has been to work until you’re 65, retire and live an additional 10-15 years, sadly, the last inning of our lives.   Therefore I have to plan for that full retirement NOW while I have my health (both physical AND mental!).  Given this probable shorter lifespan, I feel I’m entitled to the same 10-15 years of full retirement as anyone else.  I must retire 10 years early.  It’s a MUST!   Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the basic tenants of early retirement.  How to plan, the steps one needs to take (those steps I’ve been adhering to myself), how much one needs in order to retire early, the correct withdrawal method, and many more interesting topics.  I’m living this early retirement plan now.  I may be 51 but consider me a 61 year old.  What decisions, asset allocations, and such would a 61 year old be following with only 4-5 years left until retirement?  I’m there NOW.  Please follow along with me as this is truly an exciting adventure…..


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