Alternatives, Part II

In my previous article on Alternative Investing I provided an explanation about hedge fund investing and mentioned one hedge fund I am invested in.  As a reminder, hedge funds are for accredited investors only.  For everyday investors there are Liquid Alternative funds  .    I happen to be invested in several and I will highlight them and provide […]

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Arbitrage/Total Return Play ($AFSI)

I’ve written about trading options HERE Today I want to illustrate a Total Return play I just executed a few moments ago.  Amtrust Financial is an insurance company scheduled to be acquired in the second quarter of 2018 for $13.50 per share.  The stock ($AFSI) is currently trading ex-dividend today (.17 dividend, record date is Monday 4/2) at […]

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Alternatives as an Asset Class, part I

In a previous article on asset allocations I listed Hedge Funds and Alternative Mutual Funds as part of my asset allocation.  These encompass a significant portion of my personal assets and I feel it’s important to discuss these further and explain the why behind these choices I’ve made. “Alternative Investing” is a fairly new, in-vogue term for investing outside of traditional asset classes, […]

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Markets….time for me to BUY!

It’s been one heck of a year so far in the global stock (and bond!) markets.  The market peaked at the end of January and it’s been in a downtrend with tremendous daily volatility.  Is it time to be worried?  If one is heavily allocated to equities and losing sleep, then maybe.  Here’s last week”s […]

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